Ashley A.


We were truly so blessed to have Peggy’s help at our wedding! It was really important to my husband and I that we and our family were able to focus on our wedding day and enjoy the moment. Without Peggy there, that would have been really tough. It was also very valuable to have someone involved who is so experienced- Peggy thinks of everything!

Sha’ree R.


Peggy Buchanan, of Heels and Veils, was absolutely priceless. She helped me in countless ways with my wedding. She was always available and worked me in whenever I needed her! She was not only a professional, she was also such an emotional support system for me. My wedding ran so wonderfully smooth thanks to her and her team. I honestly recommend her to any one interested in useing her for any event! Your day will not be complete without her! Even my husband recognized all of her hard work! (and for anyone that knows how men are, that was a huge deal!) Thanks Peggy!!!

Brad Raby


If you’re looking for a professional that is caring and will make your special day unforgettable – your search ends with Heels and Veils. 

Hannah H.


Peggy has such a special way of providing insight and attention to detail and also making sure those details reflect the hopes of her bride! I loved the fact that I knew on my wedding day I wouldn’t have to worry about anything. She had everything taken care of so that my family and I could enjoy all of the hard work that went into planning. She was so thoughtful to check in at the appropriate times before, during and after the ceremony to make sure everything was running the way we had hoped. Peggy is a true gift! 

Lacey R.


Peggy Buchanan was truly an answered prayer!  My mom and I loved her personality and ideas she had, so we knew we needed her!  Peggy was there for us every step of the way and went WAY above and beyond!  She was truly a blessing and made my big day run so smooth set up everything beautifully.  I highly suggest Peggy for any bride looking for a hard working, Godly planner!

Lindsey W.


I was so thankful to have Peggy by my side the entire way through the planning stages of my wedding! She helped me think through things I never would have thought of and calmed my fears when I was tempted to get overwhelmed. Thanks so her, my wedding day was absolutely perfect! Every detail was taken care of so my mom and I could just enjoy the day (when otherwise everything would have fallen on us!) I simply can’t imagine what my wedding would have been like without her! 

Kelli D.


Peggy was essential in making my wedding day run smoothly.  I didn’t have to worry about anything. Everything turned out beautiful. She made my day look and feel incredible!

Kate S.


My reception vendor recommended Peggy to me to help with my day of wedding details.  Peggy went above and beyond helping me.  I met with her several times and she helped me map out all the step by step details of our special day.  She helped calm my anxiety about some parts of the day, especially since I was planning our wedding mostly on my own since my family lives in another state.  Peggy really made me feel special and valued, especially since my wedding day was her birthday!  I have to say, the day went flawlessly and I could not have done it without her amazing help!  I would highly recommend other brides to use the wonderful services of Heels and Veils!  



Ms. Peggy was amazing! She gave me great advices during planning, helped me stay in budget, and I had a completely stress-free wedding day. Everything was perfect! It is hard for a control-freak bride and her always-knows-best mom to admit, but all our worries were really unnecessary. Still feeling grateful! 

Carrie B.


Peggy made my wedding weekend absolutely seamless.  She met with my mom and I a few times before our wedding to go over our ideal plans for the weekend and gave her fantastic (and much needed) feedback making my big day perfect.  She was available for questions at any given time leading up to my wedding which was wonderful to bounce ideas off of her.  I can be an anxious person when it comes to big events, but as my friends said I was “cool as a cucumber” the whole weekend because Peggy had everything under perfect control.  I know my mom and I were worried we wouldn’t be able to enjoy the day for questions from friends and family, but Peggy intervened at every opportunity to guarantee we enjoyed every second of the weekend.  I would highly recommend Peggy to everyone, she is amazing! I don’t know where we would have been without her.